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Linear and Differentiable Mathematical Models 01007

This course contains some calculus, elementary differential equations, and linear algebra. It is taken by students in Design and Innovation in their 2nd and 3rd semester.

Matematiske modeller for kemiske og biokemiske systemer 28016

This course is shared with the Department of Chemical Engineering. The models are ordinary differential equation models. The course is taken by diploma chemical engineering students in their 3rd semester.

The textbook used for the mathematical background is Brannan & Boyce, Differential Equations. The course has no homepage, but Maple worksheets (in Danish) covering chapters 1 - 4, 6 - 7 are available below.

Maple Worksheets for Brannan & Boyce, Differential Equations

Fil Størrelse i bytes Sidst ændret
BrannanBoyce1.mw 202702 03.01.2011 kl 07:25:12
BrannanBoyce2.mw 497469 03.01.2011 kl 07:25:25
BrannanBoyce3.mw 504948 03.01.2011 kl 07:25:42
BrannanBoyce4.mw 292909 03.01.2011 kl 07:26:00
BrannanBoyce6.mw 171414 03.01.2011 kl 07:26:14
BrannanBoyce7.mw 522727 03.01.2011 kl 07:26:28

Complex Analysis 01141

This one semester course was offered once a year in the fall. It has now been discontinued. Thus regrettably no course in complex analysis is offered at DTU any longer.

Signals and Linear Systems 01037

This course contained differential equations, infinite series, fourier series. It was taken by students in Design and Innovation, but has now been replaced by the very similar course 01035.

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